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A Data Driven Mobile Personalization Framework

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Build beautiful, optimized, personalized OnBoarding experiences!

Out of the box, 2 minute integration, w/o engineering, converts into native code!
Unlimited OnBoarding experiences, segmented to the relevant audiences.

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Target specific and unique audiences based on credible data.

Build your personalization strategy that suits your end users environment, context and behavior
No more hard-core-sql-queries on the back end, you are in control now!

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Mobile Experiences

A Product Manager?

Turn-key solutions that would enable you to optimize parts of your app without any coding

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A Marketer?

Optimize the bottom part of the user acquisition funnel
( 2 min integration )

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A Developer?

Use unique segmentation capabilities to make your code and product agile and adaptive

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We Focus On Mobile

This means we grab all out attention on being the best in this domain

Unique Segmentation

Segmentation capabilities that include environment, behavior, context and more

Iterate Faster

Change and deploy changes with a click of a button, you are back in control!

Not (Just) For Developers

We have created the tools that would allow you to start optimizing your funnels without code!

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We focus on bringing the best value to the right brands

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